Getting your web presence set up is already a huge milestone for you and your business. And yet, some of you will inevitably want to immediately take things further and start building your audience and making sales (people after my own ridiculously ambitious heart). If this sounds like you, then you need the works. These are add-ons (I like to think of them as “power ups”) that you can get with your custom website to really take things to the next level.

Plus Copywriting  +1499

We’ve got the visuals set, so now let’s really nail your messaging. Having all those pretty new web pages isn’t enough. You have to fill them with something, namely words. And writing those words can be daunting (listen, I’ve been there). If penning clever prose isn’t your thing, then let me help (because penning clever prose it *totally* my thing). You can add a full copywriting package to your custom site.

Plus Marketing  +600 0r +1200

You have your platform set, and now it’s time to grow it. There is so much information to sift through here that it can easily take you years to figure out what to do, and then even more years to get it right. I can coach you through building your platform in six and twelve month increments. This includes brand discovery/analysis/goals, building bridges with connections and influencers (relationship marketing), content marketing and social media, strategy, SEO, link buiIding, and list building. We plan for one weekly phone coaching session and email check-ins with specific task lists and follow-up. (note: does not include actual content for the content marketing portion)

Plus Content  +1200 or +2400

Offered as an add-on to the marketing program. I will generate and distribute all the content for you (blog posts, email newsletters, etc.), set you up with a comprehensive content strategy and editorial calendar, and implement it all for you. You just review the monthly reports I send you.

Plus Print or Production +500

While I obviously love all things digital, paper was really my first true sweetheart. There’s nothing quite like a good paper project. And the handwritten note is an art form in itself. So if you’re in the market for a little analog design, let’s talk. Need photos or video for promotional or branding purposes? I can hook you up with a photo package (white background headshots/full body shots, street shots, green screen shots with editing), a styled shoot, and promo video production of all kinds (think event coverage, book trailers, etc. complete with editing and video script writing). Note: production is limited to clients in the greater NYC area or those willing to travel.

The Works 7500

This is the whole shebang. You get everything here; a custom site, a full copywriting package, a full 12 months of platform building including custom created content, and a print design suite for 7500.

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