Sometimes you just need something clean and simple up immediately. If that sounds like you, then this is your option. The quick sites are sites that you can set up yourself with a minimum of tech knowledge. There are no upfront costs, only a small monthly fee. If you need something simple, already have your own graphics and don’t need a ton of customization, then a quick site just might be for you. This is also a great option for those just starting out, when you need to establish a web presence quickly and then upgrade to a more custom website design when you can.



*automated process (your site will be up within 24 hours…simply fill out a few questions, pay for your first month, and you will receive your access information)

*low cost, small monthly payments

*free domain name with each plan (subject to availability)

*pre-built website templates (just click and choose)

*menu of extra features and functions

Examples of Quick Sites


Quick 1

Quick 2

Quick 3

Salutations (that's from charlotte's Web in case you didn't know...excellent book)

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