We have several options for getting you book up on Amazon (and wherever else you want to sell it) and into the hands of your audience, including options that require little to no writing on your part.

Comprehensive Book Production $499

This option is for you if you already have a manuscript (or the makings of one) and you’re not sure what you’re going to do with it. We’ll help you clean it up and get it edited (and rewritten in parts if needed). Then we’ll get the book designed, laid out and proofed. We’ll get your description written, ISBN obtained, and before you know it, your book will be uploaded to the platform of your choice and ready for sale. You can add on a custom media kit for $99.

The Book In A Box  $999

This is the easiest book you’ll ever write. That’s because each and every step of the process is handled for you. From coming up with and refining a concept to writing killer prose to editing and polishing. From the layout and formatting to designing a knockout cover, submitting the files and even some of the initial book marketing. This is a great and easy way to establish authority for non-fiction authors. Add on comprehensive launch planning execution for $499.

From Concept To Bestseller $1999

The most complete book package out there with an unprecedented level of support and coaching. Plan to work together for an entire year; three months writing your book, three months editing and polishing your book, three months in production and pre-launch and three months in launch and post launch. This package surely isn’t for the faint of heart, but I’m with you every step of the way, telling you exactly what to do and holding you accountable to your goal. Think weekly calls, action item checklists, unlimited email support, and check-ins. There’ll even be regular stat reporting so that you can be sure all the work we’re doing is actually working.

Salutations (that's from charlotte's Web in case you didn't know...excellent book)

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