I work with clients on writing projects of all kinds. Over the years, I’ve worked with various brands to tell their unique stories as well. I’ve collaborated with just about everyone — from authors and other artists to educators and speakers, to beauty, food & style brands and even tech start-ups — on writing projects ranging from articles and bios to books and email templates. From pitches and scripts to sales letters and educational and promotional materials. From full-length books to guidebooks and workbooks to manifestos to video scripts and podcast notes. Web content. Taglines. Press releases. Product descriptions. You name it.

I’ve laid out some options below, but don’t hesitate to reach out if you need something that doesn’t quite fit into anything you see here.

Option 1: The Basics Package: Must-Have, Non-Negotiable Web Copy For Your Site $499

:: Homepage Copy

:: About Page (Including Your Company Bio and Yours)

:: Services List Page

:: Philosophy Page

:: Bonus Page

Some ideas for a Bonus Page: Top 10 Reasons to Work With Me/Other Top 10 List, FAQ page (written with just the right spin), Start Here Page, Affiliates Info Page, In The News/Media, The Fine Print (rules/regulations/restrictions), Contact Us (with a must-do call to action), Landing Page (separate from home page), or something else. We’ve even done copy for things like email templates for business owners who want to sound more personable when they respond to inquiries. Whatever you need! With the exception of long form sales pages, of course, which you’ll find in Option 2 & Option 3.

Note: Not quite fitting the bill? Need something else? Any page can be substituted for a wild card page of your choice. The pages we write for you are flexible; these are just suggestions, as they’re commonly the most-needed pages for small business owners. But whatever it is you need, you’ve got 5 with this package, with the exception of long form sales pages, so fill out the contact form below and share your idea. 

Option 2:  The Full Package $1499

:: 5 pages of standard web copy. Think: About page, homepage, service page, philosophy page, “what this is” page, or whatever you need most – your pick.

:: 4 promo blurbs of your choice. Think: Opt-in, teaser copy, twitter profile, one-liner for an ad, etc.

:: 1 long form sales page. Think: That stand alone program, product or service that’s sort of expensive and you need a whole page to get all the details out because you need your customers to push the “buy now” button. Or call you up and set an appointment. Bottom line: You want them to spend money with you. And you need to ensure they will.

:: 3 autoresponders. Think: What you send out as soon as someone opts in…so you make a killer first impression.

:: 1 introductory sales letter/email. Think: What to send to prospective clients you’ve got your eye on…to make ‘em fall over themselves to want to do business with you.

:: Piece of copy at your discretion. What do you need most to make this work?

*Note: If you do not need one of these pieces, but still like the full package option, fill out the inquiry form and let us know what you’re thinking. 

Option 3: Just a Sales Page $999

::  A sales page for that program, that service, that book, that retreat, or something else that requires all sorts of sections like what it is, why anyone cares, who it’s for, how much it costs, what’s included and more–ultimately, compelling them to click the buy button, make the reservation, call you up, and/or spend the money with YOU.  This page makes all the difference. This page will make or break you. But when you write it with us? It’s definitely going to be the former.

Salutations (that's from charlotte's Web in case you didn't know...excellent book)

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