Manic Mondays Vol 6

a sampling of my current open tabs…

Just got back from Cuba and already planning my next getaway¬†…

… and looking up creole-inspired recipes to help get me in the proper mindset

Still can’t get enough Luke Cage. Lost in the sauce? Check out this primer

Speaking of new TV shows, this one by Issa Rae is a must watch

I’m saying though…the holidays are right around the corner…in case you know, you want to get me something


Manic Mondays Vol 5

a sampling of my current¬†open tabs…


The artwork here looks incredible!

Bruce Lee is the master. Don’t debate me.

Your cast can make or break your film. So important.

I was obsessed with these dudes as a kid (like just about everyone else my age)!

Did you binge watch Luke Cage this past weekend? If not, what the hell are you waiting for?


Manic Mondays Vol 3

a sampling of my current open tabs…

Still upset that they ended the last season the way they did, but at the same time beyond excited for the next one!

A nod to O.D.B makes this alright with me.

I haven’t seen the film, yet, but this is an interesting write-up.

I got 3 out of 5. Not bad. Going to need to learn to play piano in Spanish s. o that I can get a perfect score.

This right here just took my beloved gin and tonic to a whole other level.

Manic Mondays Vol 2

a sampling of my current open tabs…

I used to love this show. Jordan Catalano was bae!

It’s finally here! This ios app is definitely a game changer.

Is it silly that I’m totally looking forward to this movie?

I’ve unfortunately run into more than my share of these.

As if Brooklyn hadn’t gone pop enough…still totally going to see the statue when they finish it, though.

The difference between pride and self-esteem.

This was one of my favorite shows as a kid. Not mad about the reboot.

Manic Mondays Vol 1

a sampling of my current open tabs…


Oh! That’s why I always dance when I have to pee!

Not what I would have immediately picked as the best book I’ve read on writing. But still a good and interesting choice.

Easily the coolest and most helpful infographic I’ve ever seen.

Would you stand in line for hours for this ice cream? Looks very cool, even I’ll admit that.

Wanna look good (or better) naked? Here’s a shortcut.

Salutations (that's from charlotte's Web in case you didn't know...excellent book)

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