When I wanted to start a blog (wayyy back in the day), I set up a free site on blogger. When I wanted to trick my site out, I took the scenic route and taught myself to code because I couldn’t afford to hire a web developer. So I get it. When you’re starting out, and funds are limited, there is only so much you can do. But where there’s a will, there’s a way. I’m a firm believer of doing what you can with have you have and then upgrading when you can. As such, I strive to keep my services accessible for those with little to no budget. If this is you, and there’s no shame in that. Read on. You have options.

Consultations 99 

This option is for you if you don’t have a budget, or are keen to go the DIY route. You want to get started yesterday but just need a little direction. We can talk on the phone or over Skype. Just answer a quick few questions before our session, so that I really zero in on your goals with laser focus. Then you get to pick my brain for a full sixty minutes. I go over all the options available to you, suggest key action items, and point you in the direction of some valuable resources. Don’t fret if you forget your pen. I’ll send you a detailed recap of our session, complete with links and action items, within one week. I’ll even check in with you once to make sure you’re on track and answer any additonal questions.

Pay What You Want

You read that correctly. You get any service, and you pick the price tag. In the gifting economy, we barter for services or we pay what we think is fair based on how well you think I did and how much you have at the time. There is no catch. Simply fill in the questions below. Applications are chosen at random on a rolling basis. If yours is chosen, I will contact you to set up a time to get started. Click here to apply.

Pro Bono Services

In an effort to keep my services accessible to those just starting out with little to no budget, I am committed to doing several projects pro bono each year. To apply, simply click the link and fill out the questionnaire. Applications are chosen at random about once a quarter (less frequently if I have a crazy workload). This means that if your application is chosen, it may be a few months before we can get to work on your project. But the upside is you pay nothing. Zero. Zip. Nada. Click here to apply. 

Note: If your project is urgent, consider applying for low cost, pay what you want services (those applications are pulled more frequently), or book a consultation with me so that I can at least point you in the right direction.

For budget-friendly web development check out the super affordable, quick site and basic site options.

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